WHAT YOU VALUE & WHY YOU VALUE IT SAYS EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU...We want to work with people who take pride in their brands not just for the sake of commerce, but also for the sake of community. To Translate an idea into a service that creates value, that is what we strive for. Commercial arts are not just our profession but our craft. We have the soul of a boutique and the efficiencies of tenured specialists, the care of an artisan and the work ethic of a militia. There is no red tape. We open up the lines of communication between client and artist, easily integrating ourselves symbiotically as the right brain of your company. At the end of the day, logos become meaningful brands, websites are gateways to opportunities, still and moving pictures say more by saying less, budgets are maximized, and clients become friends.

This is our war cry. Purpose. Perspective. Balance. Innovation. Evolution. Early mornings. Late celebrations.

Pause…and repeat.





Eric Russell Commercial Arts is a specialized Design and Production company based in SLC & NY. Born a design studio, ER⋆CA was founded in 2002 by Eric Russell whose creative expertise spans almost 2 decades across a number of key creative disciplines. These include Creative and Art Direction, Brand Management, and Commercial Photography+Film production.


Our aim as a studio is to produce high quality, effective visual communications that are rooted in marketing forethought to ensure our clients stories are told with legitimacy and prowess.”

 Eric Russell, Owner, Principal













ER★CA prides itself in being able to produce big agency work with spot on creative but without the layers of useless management, budget, and ego. From pre-production, production, all the way to the delivery of assets, we follow a disciplined, multi-phase workflow that ensures all objectives and expectations are fulfilled.Bottom line…by design, we are a small agency helping emerging and established brands create big positions…with major efficiencies and big results.








ER PF studio hallway21





Objective driven, comprehensive creative that is rooted in marketing forethought and integrated into a well defined brand position.








A holistic approach across all inititives to maximize your marketing efforts and establish and continually enhance your brand position.








Proficiencies in all major aspects of production including branding, web development, photography & film, lending to strategic, creative, and budget efficiencies.








In almost two decades of business we’ve designed hundreds of websites, developed over 80 brands, shot over 40 campaigns…and drank way too much coffee.






Do you crew?


At the end of the day, the greatest asset we have is the amazing network of talented individuals we have the pleasure of working with. We are continually looking for the best talent for crew and subcontractor assignments so we hope you’ll drop us a line and introduce yourself and your work to us.











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