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Pallet Bistro
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SLC, UT | FALL, 2012
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In the last years we’ve been focused on not just taking on projects that land into our laps, but those that we feel really fit our aesthetic, that we find ourselves passionate about, and for clients we consider to be great. These clients are great not only because they have an attractive business that we can help position, but because they are good, honest, talented people that are fun to work with.

In late August 2011, I was contacted by Rocky Derrick, a former client, old high school buddy, and ski-padna about another ambitious business venture of his. This time, he and his partner Drew Eastman were setting out to do something incredibly unique, that is an American Bistro in the heart of Salt Lake City, which I’m sure given a ‘peculiar local market’, and tough current economic conditions many would agree this would not be just a slam dunk. But just as soon as I saw the bones of the historic building they were reviving and the depth of talent of the other players namely Patch Davis of Patch Davis Design and Cody Derrick of The City Home Collective and artist Courtney Miles Derrick commissioned to do all original paintings for the project I knew that this would be a project that was we had to be part of.

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“When putting together our new restaurant concept…photography was very important to us. Eric was organized and delivered all that we asked for on time and within budget. His ability to listen to our ideas and concept, then return those to us…was truly remarkable and better than we imagined. He combined creativity with function and design which resulted in an amazing product. Eric is an exceptional guy and we thoroughly enjoyed working with him.”

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