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SLC, UT | FALL, 2013
Brand Development, Web Design & Development, Photography


We love our corporate clients and for the last couple years we’ve had the pleasure of working with an analytics group that is doing some very big things. Visible Equity (SLC, UT) grew out of the need for financial institutions to value the collateral securing their loans, better understand the credit risk in their loan portfolios, and to satisfy ever-changing regulatory requirements. Today, Visible Equity works with hundreds of institutions across the U.S. helping them understand the risks and opportunities that are hidden in their data.

Visible Equity is now analyzing over 120 billion daily – and growing, so as you can imagine the firm and brand is also growing at a fast pace. In the last year we have been heavily involved in the repositioning of the company and these photographic assets will be central to Visible Equity’s rebranding and are the focal point of the new website which will be launching soon.























































“Eric and his team are fantastic to work with…Their attention to detail and ability to think outside the box really set them apart from other agencies we’ve worked with in the past. In todays world you don’t have to take my word for it look at their work, it speaks for itself.”

David Gilbert // COO, Visible Equity







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