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It always seems like the most exciting projects happen in a moments notice. Late one night I got a call from director Danny Dresdale of Eight Little Crickets asking me if my passport was valid and I could accompany him on a little assignment up to Banff, Canada. 12 hours later I was feverishly preparing an RED equipment package in order to make the next direct flight to Calgary to shoot a music video for The Killers new single ‘World We Live In’.

Despite the initial chaos, going up to Banff Canada with Danny was one of the better experiences of my life and career. Not because I got to work with such a talented Director, not because it was The Killers, or that it was in one of the most beautiful areas of the world….no. It wasn’t because of the elation that came from surviving possible deportation at 2am in the morning by overzealous Canadian customs officials or the relief of finding an absolutely beautiful abandoned mining village with only hours to spare…no.

The experience was genuinely amazing because of the focus, collaboration, and creative vision we collectively felt through the shoot. I recall getting home and literally collapsing from the physical and mental exhaustion, but reveling and grateful for the satisfaction that comes with doing what I love and working with such talented people like Danny and The Killers.

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