Cameron Rafati Album Cover Shoot

Welp, its official, we just got final approval on a set of 4 shots for Los Angeles based musician Cameron Rafati.

It was another long day, buy as per Cameron’s style, he wanted things real, next to no crew, a simple set up where him and I could really collaborate. One of the reasons I enjoy working with Cameron so much is that he leaves nothing behind when it comes to his work and being true to his creative core. I knew we had nailed the shot early on, but it was a great experience to push through the day and into the night…just because we both love what we do and respect each others work.

As always, it’s a pleasure to work with Cameron and I’m always excited to hear of his success and to see his name pop up more and more. Here’s a first look at the photos which we hope will be a great addition to his new site, his upcoming promotions and his new album that will be dropping soon.

“Not only is Eric Russell a dear friend but his talent for detail, work ethic, and follow through has inspired me to a become greater artist.”

– Cameron Rafati



Cameron Rafati


Cameron Raftati //



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